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The Terrace offers freshly cooked food, prepared on the premises under the supervision of our experienced proprietor chef Alex , which can be enjoyed inside or al fresco on the terrace. We offer quality food, value for money and an honest service mentality provided in a smart environment inside or out. Our food is freshly prepared and cooked on the premises and we can accommodate most dietary requirements. The Terrace is fully licensed, offering a select range of beers, ciders, wines and spirits.
The Terrace at Brockenhurst 58 Brookley Road Brockenhurst SO42 7RA
8.45 two sausages, two rashers of bacon,  two fried eggs, two hash browns, tomato,  mushrooms, baked beans, and toast FULL ENGLISH                                                          	          7.25 two fried eggs, two rashers of bacon, sausage,  mushrooms, baked beans, hash brown, tomato and toast BACON and EGGS served with toast  4.75 VEGETARIAN BREAKFAST  5.95 two fried eggs, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, two hash browns with toast SCRAMBLED EGGS ON TOAST    4.95 with SMOKED SALMON    6.95 EGGS BENEDICT  6.75 muffins topped with poached eggs, ham and hollandaise sauce CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST  4.50 croissant, two rounds of toast with butter and jam, orange or apple juice SAUSAGE or BACON BAGUETTE  4.95  5.45  4.95 CHEDDAR & HOME MADE CHUTNEY 5.25  4.75 TUNA MAYONNAISE & CUCUMBER 5.75  5.25 BRIE & BACON                                          5.95                   5.45  BRIE & CRANBERRY                                         5.45  4.95 SMOKED SALMON   6.95  6.25  and cream cheese  PRAWNS in Marie-Rose sauce       6.50  6.00  BACON LETTUCE & TOMATO               6.25                   5.75 MOZZARELLA   5.75  5.25 with sun dried tomatoes and pesto TRIPLE DECKER CHICKEN CLUB sandwich served on white toast  Panini - from 12.00 Served with salad and crisps TUNA MELT  6.15 TOMATO, MOZZARELLA with PESTO    6.15 BRIE & BACON  6.45 Home made Soup of the day with baguette & butter              4.75                                                                                              Salads - from 12.00 GREEK SALAD                                                                     8.45   feta, black olives, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber THE TERRACE CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD  9.45 chicken strips, croutons, parmesan shavings and lettuce with Caesar dressing GOAT’S CHEESE SALAD  8.45 goat’s cheese melted on a crouton topped with  red onion relish served with lettuce and tomatoes TUNA NICOISE SALAD     10.95 fresh, grilled tuna steak, green beans, tomato,  hard boiled egg and potato PRAWN SALAD                                                                     9.95 prawns in a Marie-Rose sauce with mixed salad  leaves and cucumber BACON & ROQUEFORT SALAD                                        9.95 with mixed salad leaves, cucumber and roasted  pine nuts    Light                  Soup - from 12.00              Breakfast - from 09.00 THE BIG TERRACE       Baguettes & Sandwiches - from 12.00 Served on white baguette or brown bread, with salad and crisps                                                                                                                                                                   6.95                    Baguette       Sandwich HAM & MUSTARD with FRIED EGG Freshly Made Pizzas - from 12.00 Home Made Burgers - from 12.00 Desserts - from 12.00 Side Orders - from 12.00 Children’s Menu - from 12.00 Main Courses - from 12.00 THREE EGG OMELETTE   6.75  served with NEW POTATOES and a side salad Add Cheese, Ham or Mushrooms    60p per addition HOME MADE QUICHE OF THE DAY with new    7.95 potatoes and side salad HAM or SAUSAGES with EGGS and chips  7.95 SAUSAGE, MASH and ONION GRAVY   7.95   CHICKEN BREAST, wrapped in bacon with  9.95 herb butter and served with salad and chips GRILLED GAMMON and PINEAPPLE   9.95 with chips and grilled tomato  SALMON FILLET with hollandaise sauce,         10.95 dauphinoise potato and vegetables  8oz RIB EYE STEAK with mushrooms,  15.95 grilled tomato, chips and salad MARGUERITA with tomato and mozzarella        7.95 PEPPERONI with black olives, tomato   8.95 and mozzarella  6oz burger, made here, served with chips, relish and side salad BEEF BURGER  8.75 CHEESE BURGER  9.25 CHEESE AND BACON BURGER   9.95         Warm CHOCOLATE TORTE with chocolate sauce        4.75 and ice cream  Individual CRÈME BRULEE with MANGO SORBET     4.75 TRADITIONAL BREAD & BUTTER PUDDING   4.75 with fresh cream  STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING with toffee sauce       4.75 and ice cream  WAFFLES    4.50 with golden syrup and vanilla ice cream TRIO OF ICE CREAM  3.75 All served as an accompaniment to other dishes only  CHIPS   CHEESEY CHIPS    GARLIC BREAD   1.95   CHEESEY GARLIC BREAD  2.45     CHICKEN NUGGETS or FISH FINGERS served with chips and beans, or,  CHILDREN’S PASTA in TOMATO SAUCE topped with cheese and served with garlic bread Includes a drink of milk, apple or orange juice,   and a FREE ice cream    5.95 Omelettes - from 12.00 2.50    3.45     2.95    3.95 Cakes & Pastries FRESHLY MADE CAKES   1.95 available daily, per portion  MUFFINS (various flavours)   1.65 MILLIONAIRE SHORTBREAD   1.65 BROWNIE  1.65 BUTTER FLAPJACK  1.65 Cream Teas CLASSIC, two scones, clotted cream, strawberry            5.75 jam with a pot of tea for one        SOLO, one scone, clotted cream, strawberry                          4.75 jam with a pot of tea for one TOASTED TEA CAKE with butter   2.25                  Milkshakes With ice cream float      Small   Large STRAWBERRY  1.95 2.95 CHOCOLATE  1.95 2.95 Smoothies JUNGLE JUICE   2.95 strawberry, mango, blueberry and acai berry STRAWBERRY FANTASY   2.95 strawberry and banana PINEAPPLE SUNSET   2.95 pineapple, papaya and mango MANGO DREAM   2.95 mango, papaya and pear RASPBERRY HEAVEN raspberry, mango, apple and blueberry  2.95 Soft Drinks COCA COLA  1.95 2.95 DIET COCA COLA  1.95 2.95 LEMONADE  1.65 2.95 HILDON MINERAL WATER  1.75 2.75 still or sparkling J2O APPLE AND MANGO  2.30 J2O ORANGE AND PASSION FRUIT  2.30 ORANGE or APPLE JUICE  1.65  ORANGE or APPLE JUICE with LEMONADE 1.75 2.95 MILK  1.00 Bottled Beers & Cider KRONENBOURG 5% 275ml  2.95 BUDWEISER 5% 330ml  2.95 LONDON PRIDE 4.7% 500ml   4.25 MAGNER’S CIDER 4.5% 568ml   3.95 CRABBIE’S GINGER BEER 4% 500ml  3.95 Wines - Abv 12-14.5%                                                 125ml  175ml   250ml  Bottle  HOUSE WHITE                       2.75 3.50 4.35 12.95 HOUSE RED                           3.00 4.00 5.00 14.95 HOUSE ROSE                         2.85 3.75 4.75    13.95 C ffee, Tea  & Hot Chocolate  2.20  2.40 AMERICANO  2.00  2.20  WHITE COFFEE  2.00  2.20 LATTE  2.20  2.40 ESPRESSO / DOUBLE  1.95  2.35 COFFEE with CREAM                    2.40                      2.60 MOCHA  2.45  2.75 CAFETIÈRE   2.95 pp MACCHIATO  2.15 ICED COFFEE  2.30 1.90 pp  2.00 pp  2.30  2.50  HOT CHOC WITH CREAM           2.80  2.95 DECAFFEINATED DRINKS add   0.25 EXTRA SHOT   SMALL  CAPPUCCINO  LARGE 0.45 each TAKEAWAY DRINKS as LARGE OPTION ABOVE HERBAL or FRUIT TEAS              2.00 pp HOT CHOCOLATE  EARL GREY  POT OF TEA Specials - from 12.00 Please see our daily SPECIALS BOARD for a selection of freshly prepared alternative dishes Substitutions to menu items will be solely at the management’s discretion and will be subject to a  supplementary charge  Ask about our Loyalty Card  All dishes are prepared and cooked on the premises Please note that some of our dishes may contain traces of nuts Only food or drink purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises
SPIRITS and LIQUEURS are available from the bar in measures of 35ml or multiples thereof. Service Charge Discretionary, except for parties of 6 or more which will be subject to a 10% service charge at the management’s sole discretion. All prices VAT inclusive.